Giant Loop Tracker Packer Holster

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Have a GPS tracking unit or emergency beacon? Giant Loop offers a ruggedized holder/holster called the Tracker Packer; it was developed by Giant Loop with The Kurt Caselli Foundation's Quinn Cody and created for riders. The holster is designed to be worn on the body so that if a rider becomes separated from their bike, they can activate the unit in the case of an emergency. 
The super rugged and secure Tracker Packer holster/mount firmly attaches the SPOT Gen3, ACR Beacon or Garmin inReach Mini and Explorer/SE devices to your pack’s shoulder strap, your upper arm, lower leg above the boot or other locations. Wearing the Tracker Packer on your body is the best safety practice. 
  • Compatible with SPOT Gen3 (plus ACR Beacon), Garmin inReach Mini (plus Explorer/SE devices)
  • Includes heavy duty quick adjusting hook-and-loop extension strap for mounting on arm over body armor
  • Includes redundant tether to secure the device to apparel or backpack
  • Red label with “SOS”
  • Caselli 66 and GL logos printed on the holster
  • Redundant double hook-and-loop attachment system with tether cord
  • 2″ heavy duty hook-and-loop band with grippy backing
  • Elastic shock cord retainer loop for Garmin inReach Mini antenna
  • Foam padding to absorb shock and vibration
  • Mil-spec materials and hardware
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty from Giant Loop

Need one a tracker and the holster? Click here to get the combo pack from Giant Loop.


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